I went to Miami Beach to do my final project at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Miami has a special place in my heart, since I lived there with my family in 1998. When I went to the Eddie Adams Workshop in New York last fall, I was so lucky to meet the greatest girl, who happens to be living in Miami: Mary Beth. I stayed at her house on my stay in the city and she introduced me to a lot of great people. One in particular was Raven - one of Miami's most special celebrities. Raven has been running 8 miles on Miami Beach every single day for 38 years. Read more about him on:

Raven and the beautiful Mary Beth Koeth.
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In April I went to Amsterdam for a 3 day long conference: The World Press Photo Award Days. I was to receive my price and give a lecture about my work. I had a great time with the other danes in the group and loved the city of Amsterdam.

Here are some photos from the days:

Foto: Søren Bidstrup
Drinks at the Award Ceremony at MuziekgebouwFoto: Stine Bidstrup
Jacob Ehrban, Søren Bidstrup og jeg med priserneFoto: Stine Bidstrup
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Fredag den 1. marts blev der uddelt priser i Årets Pressefoto. Jeg vidste, at jeg var nomineret til en pris, men ikke at jeg skulle vinde "Årets Pressefoto". Udover "Årets Pressefoto" vandt jeg også 1. pladsen i Årets Reportage.

Det var den vildeste dag med fest og glade mennesker, og jeg var så glad. Dagene efter blev brugt på at tale med en masse journalister, mens jeg samtidig skulle tilbage på 8. semester på Journalisthøjskolen.

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On June 27th me and my class of fellow photojournalists graduated from The Danish School of Media and Journalism. I was very honored to receive the Scanpix Price for best final project. Scanpix is where I did my 18 months long internship so it meant a lot to me.

Here you can see photos from the big day:

You can view my final project "Magic City" here, and it will be on my site as well soon:

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Thanks for visiting my website. I am working on it right now and in the near future you will be able to see more of my work.

So please be patient and click by soon again - thanks.


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