39-year old Bonnie is a danish mother of three. Since the age of 18, she has been working as a prostitute. Her first time having sex for money was at a visit at a brothel in a small town. Bonnie and her friend were in need of money and tried it out. The experience was unpleasant and Bonnie was shy and ashamed of her body. But because of the money, she kept working.

Bonnie has a house In a small village in Sealand. Here she works everyday from 9-4. When her day is over she picks up her kids and goes home to her real house in another nearby village. Her oldest daughter Michella (16) has her own apartment and her son Oliver (14) lives at home.

6-year old Noa, Bonnies youngest son, thinks his mother has a job as a cleaning lady. The older children know what her profession is, and so does their school, the community and so on. It is not easy for Oliver and Michella and Michella has been called names and asked how much her mother costs. That made her very upset.

Bonnie pays taxes and is registered as a business. Although she is in trouble with the IRS and has been to prison more than once.

The single most important thing in Bonnie's life is her children. Her hope is that they will have a better childhood and life than her own. The 14-year old Oliver is hanging out with some bad kids and getting in to a lot of trouble. Because of this Bonnie has decided to send Oliver to a boarding school on a boat in the Carribean.